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Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008

Beloved, The below message could have been written this very day 01/21/08. But it was published on my InJesus for you five years ago 03/08/03.

I highly recommend reading it and pondering what it has to say and then ask Jesus to baptise you more into Holy Spirit...

Why? Because this 2008 year more then ever we need to know the voice of God and live only in Him.

Praying for you to carry the glory of God so all will know by your glowing face & and joyful-love spirit that Jesus is ALIVE and longs for them and their relationship to him to begin and never end.

Beloved, The below message I repeat could have been written this very day. But it was published on my InJesus for you five years ago.

Praying for you to carry the glory of God so all will know by your glowing face that Jesus is ALIVE and longs for them and their relationship FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann


The Spirit Of The Remnant!
Joan Ann Warnell
Mar 8, 2003

Beloved, This is a LONG prophetic e-mail but IT IS worth your time. Because it is anointed of God and will give you sweet Holy Ghost remembrances of what it is and how you came to know the "spirit of the remnant" on your life. *Below post has some things about how there are some people who are part of the "remnant" who have never heard a sermon on it and don't have a clue as to the spiritual reality that there even IS such a thing. But they are MARKED by God and there IS something within them that is always poissed toward God. - their spirit is hungry for God and God is not going to let them "miss it" just because they did'nt catch a certain "Cutting edge" revelation circulating in the Body of Christ. *Below post tells about those who haave kindred spirits and are being pulled together by a magnet force called THE ANOINTING etc.! *Below post may bless and then humble you at the same time. *Below post will remind you of your early walk toward God as you read the experiences of the writer and see how sweetly it brings to your rembrance the way God brought you along in your own personal growth in the Body of Christ Church and to the "spirit of the remnant" where you are today. *Below post tells us those who have the "spirit of the remnant" have the spirit of the true Shepherd of Ezekiel 34: 11-31 (WORTH READING!!!) *Below post asks us, "Where IS the Church?" and goes on to show us how those who have kindred spirits are being pulled together by a magnet force called THE ANOINTING! *Below the post tells us of THE SPIRIT OF THE REMNANT Tongues and praying in the Holy Ghost Spirit and the Word life. *Below post talks about John 17 IS the spirit of the anointing ONENESS with God (John 17:21).


Love and Blessings,

Joan Ann
ServantsHeart Prophetic Community

"Revealing His Purposes Among the Nations"


by Clo DiPilato

Dearest Friends in Jesus,

This is basically both a "word" and a "testimony". It is VERY LONG, so if you want to skip the nostalgic part to get to more of the meat, scroll down several paragraphs to where I put a line of asterisks (***) However, there is an anointing of impartation on the initial part of the article as these are things I have LIVED, and therefore they have POWER in them!! All glory to the Name of Jesus!!!!! Some of my own prophetic history which blesses me everytime I consider it just because it's a testimony to God's GREAT MERCY AND GOODNESS to me personally!! Only Jesus!!!!!

I am filled with the HIGH praises of God today, and greatly rejoicing in my salvation!!

God took me back in my memory today to the night that I got filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues in the month of April, 1963. It was in an Assembly of God Church where at that time they had much emphasis on "Tarrying", using Acts 1:4,5 and Acts 2:1-4. The youth service spilled over into the evening service because there was a recognized visitation of God's Spirit as the "on fire" Youth Leader preached his heart out, and then we waited for God to come and fill us with the Holy Ghost.

It was a blessed time in God as He filled my life with His Spirit, and I spoke in tongues for hours accompanied by much tears and breaking before God all very wondrously bathed in a glorious sense of a joyous presence of the Lord . For those who have questioned if I am "one of those tongue talkers".......you now have your answer. I very much ARE, and I am SO GLAD that I can say, "I'm one of them!" (It's in your "Melodies of Praise" Hymnal)

I recall going home from church to my best friend's house as I was spending the night there. Her mom was a very unusual woman who lived and walked in the presence of God and always had her finger on the pulse of what God was doing. She loved the true life in the Spirit, and walked always in that special dimension of abundant life. Her own children at times would weary of her preaching at them, but I gravitated to it. When we came into the yard, she was out working in her flower garden.....literally an acre of flowers.

She had not been in church that night to witness what God had done. But as we ran into the garden to tell her, she lifted up from her weeding project, and said, "I know......you girls got the baptism in the Holy Ghost tonight. The Lord revealed it to me." She wasn't in the church service, but she was IN TOUCH with God!! And the truth of the matter is that woman was more in touch with God's Spirit than some sitting right in that church service where God was moving. That woman had the "spirit of the remnant".

At that time on Long Island, there was basically a spiritual drought. My own mother was very deeply hungry for a greater move of God. She suffered MUCH because Long Island at that time in the 50's and 60's was a desert, and she had known what it was like to drink at the true waters of life in a place where God had been greatly moving (Zion Bible Institue in Providence, RI. ) She carried those waters in her own being, and was a true worshipper, and created an atmosphere in our home that was always filled with a reverential sense of God's presence. I recall waking up to the sound of my mom quietly worshipping the Lord at the piano, and such holiness filling the house that everyone walked so softly you could hear a pin drop. But as far as anointed fellowship with others , there was a terrible void.

I also remember her spending hours alone in her bedroom, and in my incredible dose of teenage wisdom I thought she was basically miserably antisocial, but as I saw how our lives unfolded, and how God ended up moving greatly on Long Island with little revival fires breaking out all over the place in the seventies, I realized she was truly hidden away with God for a purpose. I do not give my mother's prayers special credit for how God moved on Long Island, but I certainly do believe she had a little portion with the other saints who sought the face of God very earnestly for evidence of some little trickle of God's Spirit flowing in that parched and barren spiritual land. They had the "spirit of the remnant".

God began to gather some of His saints of the same pining away for the true things of God into our home, and we had some wonderful home meetings, and a fresh word came to our home through different ones He would send to minister. God called us out of organized religion to more wholly follow Him. God introduced us to the teachings of Bill Britton, and again that unique quality of desire bigger than anything connected to the church filled our beings with great hunger for God. It was the "spirit of the remnant" at work.

In the course of time, God moved my family to the mountains of Pennsylavania where we began to learn what it means to be a "prophetic people" under the ministry of a very anointed man of God. (I could write a book on the prophecies this man has given me that have come to pass.) The revelation that there IS power in the Name of Jesus became our meat and drink, and we learned a new walk of VICTORY in Jesus no matter WHAT the circumstances. We learned that through the power of His Name, we have power to tread on serpents and scorpions, power over ALL the works of the devil, and that NOTHING by "any means can hurt us!!" (Luke 10:19)

We also learned to wait for a word from God, and then we learned that it's in the furnace of affliction that God's words are "pure words, as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times." Psalm 12:6 We learned to a yet greater dimension that there a people of God in the earth who are totally consumed with God and living their lives out by the word of the Lord. They don't just give prophecies. They LIVE by prophecy. They bank their very lives on the word of the Lord. This is the "spirit of the remnant."

IF YOU ARE A "SKIMMER" a very important paragraph!!! These are the "tested ones" whom you need to seek out when you need a word from God. Find someone who not only loves to GIVE prophecy, but find someone who GOT a prophecy, and then sought God for years and STOOD on that word of the Lord when everything was contrary, and then STILL STOOD on that word of the Lord when there was NOTHING left to stand on but THUS SAITH THE LORD. And then when the appointed time came for the promise of God to come to pass, like Daniel, they discerned the time, and were filled with the burden to pray and the spirit of prayer until they PRAYED THE FULFILLLMENT OF THIER PROPHECY into reality.

Have you prayed your prophecies through? Do you even know how to discern if it's the time for your prophecies to come to pass? The Holy Ghost within you knows the timing of the Lord. He knows when it's time for you to PRAY THROUGH ! He gives you a sense of a stirring in the Spirit. God cares about your prophecies, and He cares that they come to pass. But you must be sensitive to catch in the Spirit when it's time for a birthing, and you will if you have the "spirit of the remnant."

I had my years in a deeper life Bible College, Pinecrest Bible Training Center, and the whole focus there was to hunger for a closer relationship with the Lord. There was an intercessory burden for the nations also there, and God again gripped my soul with a vision I had as a 6 year old child of the mission field. I could give many words to this section, but I will say one thing I believe the Lord did for me personally had to do with the impartation of a burden for the gospel to go out to the nations.

I remember many nights in prayer in the chapel or in a classroom where there was weeping and travail and agonizing before God that we would be part of that glorious company of saints of God reserved for very specific use in the end-time, and the primary word of the Lord to us at that time was the call was FIRST to "come" before it was to "go"......so eloquently taught by the president of that school. We had to first meet the Lord in a very real and personal way before we could ever truly be used of Him. Even from that place there are those to this day that have carried forth the "spirit of the remnant" where ever God has taken them.

They have God's heart for the nations, and even in the troubled times we live with all the justifiable reasons for ridding the world of an evil despot called Saddam Hussein, they see past the big picture of war, and bombs and regime change. Fear of terrorism doesn't grip them, but rather they are gripped as the Spirit causes them to look into the faces of the precious souls who might get blown up who never got a chance to hear the precious Name of Jesus. Where do we place our "whole world is bound for hell in a handbasket" evangelical doctrine in all decisions we are currently making? Can we safely assume they'll get judged for the light they walked in? I hope so, or the blood of the world going to hell is on our souls, and laying at our doorsteps. Oh, Lord Jesus, when was the last time I personally led someone to the Lord? It's been far too long. I feel my own ministry is much more to the Body of Christ, but it still pricks me in my heart.

There are more stories, and more testimonies to the "spirit of the remnant" as the Lord joined me to His people in Tucson, Arizona, in Southern California, and in San Antonio, TX. But now, I wish to fast forward to my latest "remnant experiences" since living in Northern Virginia, and my association with Grace News Network in Washington, DC.

I recently had three glorious days in the presence of God's "holy remnant." I was amazed that in each instance there was a very clear manifestation of God in a certain way which I will share after I give you the brief overview of each meeting. One happened in Delaware, one in Washington DC, and one in Pennsylvania, but the message was all the same.

In Milford, DE, I was invited to be part of a Woman's Retreat. This is a place where they love to be in God's Presence, and love the moving of the Spirit. There is always a very sweet atmosphere with these precious women of God . When I went into the meeting, God spoke to me that there would not be much flow in personal prophecy, but there was a word of the Lord which would come forth generally, and it is a word that God is speaking to the Body at this time, and those who have "ears to hear". It's regarding how God is raising up shepherds who are going to guide the flock into the new thing that God is doing. The shepherds who cannot shed the old wineskin to receive fresh understanding will wither on the old dried up and dead and parched vines of past experiences. We need to pray for our local pastors AS NEVER BEFORE that they get NEW VISION, and TRUE VISION into what God is doing in this hour!! When I get the tape, I will transcribe it, and send it forth as I believe it is a word for many across the land. It's a word for those who have the "spirit of the remnant."

The next encounter with the "remnant" took place in a home in Mechanicsburg, PA where the Holy Ghost was free to move, and have His way. The flow of prophecy, the strong anointing in prayer, the blessed fellowship of the saints.......it was like a little touch of heaven. A great woman of God who has been used many times by the Spirit to "lay the axe to the root of the tree" saw deeply in the Spirit into my life back to my very day of my birth, and I had deliverance from a spirit that has vexed and troubled me all of my life to make me feel generally insecure and never truly wanted anywhere I would go. (This is the part where, like Isaiah, I am prophesying to you "naked and barefoot". ) I left the place a different person than what I went in. I saw some chains and bondages broke off the lives of other people, too.

I heard by the Spirit a focused sound so penetrating into the heavenly realm such as I had never previously discerned it. A man of God who works for a very prominent figure in the government was able to give prophetic voice to the burden of the Lord for our country at this time, and when he prayed, I felt an opening of my spirit to his words like "deep calling unto deep" as I have rarely experienced, but I knew I was experiencing the "spirit of the remnant". It's not emotionalism. You cannot make it up. It's a moving in the deepest part of your being created in the image of God, and it's the "spirit of the remnant."

My last recent encounter with the "remnant" took place last night at a restaurant in Washington, DC as ten people met together to celebrate the birthday of a co-worker, and the wife of a visiting minister. The fellowship was absolutely sweet and glorious, and as we talked about what God is doing at Grace News Network and Grace Digital Media, we were suddenly overshadowed by the sense of His presence.

The testimonies of God's goodness to us, the proclamations of faith in what God has promised to us, the wonderful personal testimony of the "birthday girl", a Jew, as she shared how God took her from being persecuted and beat up as a child to her glorious salvation experience. God truly and miraculously manifested His saving grace to her in a very dark and diabolical setting. Then right in this very posh restaurant in Washington, DC, the spirit of prophecy flowed just because it's the testimony of JESUS. Where HE is, there WILL BE PROPHECY. It's what tells us that truly He IS in our midst!! It's the "spirit of the remnant".

What did these last three events have in common? They all occurred in simple settings, and so much reminded me of what I believe IS the very "present word of the Lord" at this time, and probably one I will eventually write an article about. I believe in each instance, what I am referring to as the "John 17" anointing was present!! The "John 17" anointing IS the "spirit of the remnant."

Read John 17, and get it into your spirit. Our Lord Jesus was totally consumed with concerns about "relationship." He wanted His people to be as wrapped up in God as He was Himself. He wanted them to experience the "oneness" he had with His Heavenly Father, to even be caught up into that very same place and relationship He experienced from the beginning in eternity. He wasn't just praying for anyone and everyone. He was praying for His own.

In each incident.......in Delaware, in Washington, DC, and in Pennsylvania, I felt in the spirit like I was with my own. I honestly don't think when Jesus prayed with all supplication before the father that "they may be one, as thou Father, art in me, and I in thee......" in John 17:21 He felt anymore "oneness" than what I felt with the saints I was with over this past week. In fact, I believe I was partaking of that very same spirit and anointing that Jesus partook of in John 17. I felt like the love of God was shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. I felt so close to those people. I felt like all walls and barriers and fears and doubts and reservations crumbled as the love of God seemed to be emptied and poured out from vessel to vessel. This is the "spirit of the remnant."

Do you know why you will get a burden to pray about a troubled relationship in your life more than you will get a burden to pray for just about anything else? At times you've even felt selfish for praying those prayers, but they will seem to be your most anointed and powerful prayers!! Why?? Because the man CHRIST JESUS, the One who is the ONLY mediator between God and men living inside of you as that great Intercessor who EVER LIVES to make intercession for His own is more gripped in His own soul regarding relationship than any other burden He carries!!

Ask God to get you INTO THE VERY SPIRIT of the message of John 17, and you will know what I am saying is the truth!! Those who are Jesus "own" are the ones who, like Jesus, care MUCH MORE about healed and whole and sweet relationships than they care about numbers, or success, or prominence. They want to be executors of an atmosphere where the love of God flows and is manifested and they grieve deeply in the spirit over anything that appears differently. Those who have the "spirit of the remnant" have the spirit of the true shepherd of Ezekiel 34:11-31. (WORTH READING!!!) They'll give up the baby before they'll let it be divided in two. ( I Kings 3:16 - 28)

Finally, do you have to leave your local church and just be in small meetings in homes to have the "spirit of the remnant"? My friend, "the spirit of the remnant" is bigger than any of our doctrines or revelations about where we should have "church." If you have it, then you have it whether you are in a home meeting on a Wednesday night, or an Episcopal Church on a Sunday morning. It's "Christ in YOU, the hope of Glory" and NOT you IN a church or OUT of a church the Hope of Glory!!

That which God is doing in this end-time through a Holy Remnant He is preparing is going to defy all our arrogant pre-dispositions over who is the "special" group of "selected saints" who get to be part. It's also BIGGER than any pre-dispositions regarding what day we choose to worship the Lord. My dear friend if it rings your bell to call Saturday the Sabbath, and worship on Saturday than by all means, have yourself a great church service on Saturday. I just hope you do not MISS catching the truth that JESUS truly IS our "Sabbath Rest". You can be true to your convictions about what you call the Sabbath, and be part of the remnant. Just ask the Lord to show you if your convictions are TRULY Holy Ghost convictions, and not legalistic bondages! Those who have the "spirit of the remnant" are a FREE PEOPLE. Free to obey the Lord in how He deals with them, whether it be in YEA, or in NAY!!

This may shock you. There are some people who are part of the "remnant" who have never heard a sermon on it, and don't have a clue as to the spiritual reality that there even IS such a thing. But they are marked by God because there is something within them that is always poised toward God and the set of their spirit IS toward God, and it's hungry for God, and God is NOT going to let them "miss it" just because they didn't catch a certain "cutting edge" revelation circulating in the Body of Christ. Their love for God, and to be pleasing to Him rules their life. The true remnant is more caught up with the simplicity of a "Micah 6:8 walk with God" than they are anxious to run after every new thing anyway!!!

Do you have the "spirit of the remnant"? Is Jesus real and are you seeking His presence there when you are getting ready for work or school in the morning? Is He the first thing you think about when your feet hit the floor in the morning? Do you have a burden to see the rivers of living water flowing in your community? Does "dead church" make you literally sick to your stomach at times? Does your vision take you to the littlest and most insignificant one (though NONE is insignificant to the One who shed His blood) lost and dying without Jesus? Do you have a burning desire to see people who are bound in chains and in need of deliverance set free?

Do you want to live out your life by the true rhema word of the Lord even when it means there is nothing else to stand on but your faith in God? Do you consider it an adventure to get to actually "pray through " on something?? When you get together with your friends do you hope that the conversation is more about JESUS than anything else?? Are you hoping someone will get anointed to give a prophecy? or share a verse of scripture? Then, my friend, you have the "spirit of the remnant".

Those who have the "spirit of the remnant" just don't have a religion, a church, a home meeting, a Bible Study. They've got a "way of life". Do you have a way of life that's totally taken up with Jesus, always giving Him the pre-eminence in all things? Then, you have the "spirit of the remnant"!!

And the glorious PROPHETIC PART of this is that God IS at this time joining those together who are of this same anointing and spirit!! Those who have "kindred spirit" are being pulled together by a spiritually magnetic force called THE ANOINTING, and they have been through a few battles, and a few "church splits" and a few "wounded feelings" and a few "perils of false brethrens" so that they are a VERY SPIRITUALLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE recognizing every trick and device of the devil to divide the body of Christ and keep it in a state of carnal immaturity.

Now, just in case the devil is reading, too: In the Name of Jesus, devil we know YOU are the accuser of the brethren, and the sower of discord which thing God HATES, and you've fooled us before, but NO MORE. We are being raised up as an army to go forth in the power of the Spirit, and you are NOT going to mess us up anymore!! We are marching rank upon rank, and we will NOT break rank, or thrust one another through!! It's NOT by might, and it's NOT by power, but it's by God's Spirit, the SAME SPIRIT that raised up Jesus from the dead and He is now raising us up, and you have NO part, nor lot, nor right to those who have the SPIRIT OF THE REMNANT!!

Praise God that Jesus is doing a GREAT THING in the earth, and if you want to enter in just start loving Jesus with all your heart. You don't have to go to anybody's church, or anyone's Bible School, or anyone's prayer meeting, or take anyone's "how to" course, or go to anyone's conference. God may send you to all of those things, but they are not mandatory except the Spirit lead you in that way. What IS mandatory is that He be your passion and the "love of your life."

Do you have the "spirit of the remnant"?

Always in the Love of Jesus,

Clo DiPilato