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Abba Daddy Father God

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Father's Day Greeting To Abba Daddy Father God From Me!

Dear Abba Daddy Father God,

You know the joy unspeakable that came to me twenty-one years ago when I found MY FATHER - YOU!

It is a testimony in my life of finally finding out what a father is to be all about - when I found You my FATHER of all fathers.

Your love for your children is beyond comprehension and it is so-o-o wonderful to be loved and cared for by You my FATHER of all fathers.

The first three years after Jesus became my Savior I could not call you "Father" like other believers did when they would lead prayer at meetings and say, "Dear Father God" - When it was my turn to pray all I could say was "Dear God"!

But that has all been taken care of and I say, "Abba Daddy Father God thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best FATHER anyone could ever want - You are so AWESOME ABBA DADDY FATHER GOD".

You are the grandest of the grand, the bestest of the best. You alone are Love. You alone are Rest and Peace. You alone are Joy. You alone are Everything to me. Oh how I pray to love like you do the "unlovely" in this world and grow in Your love more and more - to let the things on Your heart become more of the things on my heart too.

You are ever changing me. Oh how I love you Abba Daddy Father God for it is You who give me all that I need. It is You who have given me visions of heaven and revelation of hidden things.

All that You do for me makes my heart crave for more and more revelation of You - and the longing to know more of what is on Your heart so my thoughts will be Your thoughts as I keep on praying & obeying to grow holy as Jesus is holy.

On this earthly "Father's Day" and EVERY DAY FOREVER I SAY, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY MY MOST HOLY ABBA DADDY FATHER GOD - You alone are awesome and I thank You - For there is no one there is nothing to compare with You and I take pleasure in worshipping You my God"!

Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann