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Joan Ann's Salvation

Monday, February 10, 2003

Beloved, I felt led to share my salvation experience with you. This April, 2003 it will be 19 years ago that I made Jesus Christ my Savior. It is so important to see how God uses people for His purposes that He created them for along with fellowshipping with Him.

If I did not know Jesus as my Savior, then we would not have me making the Glory Brides Global website possible as Holy Spirit guides me in the call on my life.

I pray this note will encourage you to go win some souls today for Jesus for such a time as this.

Love and Blessings,

Joan Ann


A Russian Ukranian neighbor lady who seldom lived in their home in our neighborhood in Indiana ı due to her husbandıs doing civil engineer work all over the world ı came to see me when she returned from Monrovia in the spring of 1984. Her son who attended Indiana University and was at home alone most of the time became the first male friend of our daughterıs when she graduated high school! Therefore his mother, who was pleased with our daughterıs befriending her son, visited me one day during a three-month stay in the U.S.A. She shared with me how in Monrovia a Catholic priest name Father Pat had held ımeetings.ı

My neighbor marveled at these meetings because of the mixed ethnics that attended them. She shared in her broken English speech, ıOh, Joanie, the meetings were wonderful!. You knew Jesus was there ı and I even had a screen appear before me ı like a movie, and I was there and climbing up boulders to Jesus. Such peace was there all the time, and I have been searching for another meeting like Father Patıs here in America where we live in Indiana. I finally found a Catholic evangelist who has wonderful worship and teaches the Bible every Sunday in a Masonic Temple in Illinois, and I came to invite you to go with me next Sunday at 2:00 P.M.ı I saw how happy she was, so I told her I would go.

That April going on 19 years ago I went with my neighbor to the Catholic evangelistıs meeting. When we entered, the music had started, so we quickly found two of the lovely red velvet seats that were arranged all around the sides of the room in two-tier theater style. I noticed the front area was like a stage, quite a distance from where we were at the back of the room.

I noticed that the people around me had their arms raised, and they had tears in their eyes. I had never seen anything like that before. In my Catholic church, no one ever did that when the organ played the hymns, nor did I ever hear the Bible being taught like a story that took a long while. I loved this story I was hearing, all about a man named Noah and an ark. In my Catholic church, we had only short readings called ıthe epistleı and ıthe gospelı, portions from the Bible.

What happened after the evangelist stopped telling the Bible story and when the music began to play softly astounded me. The evangelist said that if anyone is here who does not know that they know that they know where they would go if they died this day, I ask you to come up to the front so I can pray with you so you can know for sure that you will go to heaven. Immediately I thought how every Sunday at church I would say, ıGod, let me come to heaven when I die.ı Yet I realized at that moment I really did not know that I knew if I would go to heaven or not.

Just then I flew up to the front of the room and found myself the only one nose-to-nose with the evangelist. When I turned to each side of me, I saw fifty or more persons behind me. My neighbor who had been sitting right next to me was at the end of the crowd of people. I prayed the salvation prayer and saw Jesusı eyes crying and burning with Love for me as I looked into the evangelistıs eyes. I had been taken from my seat in the back by an angel that flew me right in front, eye-to-eye with the evangelist. Later my neighbor told me how she saw me fly up to the front. She had started to go, but could never have moved so close to the front from where we had been seated.

I will always remember the day in April, 1984 when I flew with an angel to the front of a room in a Masonic Temple to receive salvation from Jesus, my Lord.