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Fear Hurricanes Or Faith-em

Friday, June 01, 2007


Fear will bring on the hurricanes and missing State of Florida (see below)so pray for those who fear such a disaster "Remember Job?" What Job did in the "Book of Job" - See the book of Job in the Bible.

Job had fear of his family perishing for the sin they lived in. So daily he offered sacrifices to God to try and keep this from happening. However, he did not count the fact that he was doing this in fear and all that sacrificing was for naught.

God only honors our FAITH and not our FEAR!

Take a lesson from this Book of Job all you who fear the storms and the hurricanes and even the forcasting of Florida one day being off the map from the hurricanes in the future.

This is a lesson to heed for the folks who live in Florida and every other state in the Nation of America.

Do not fear just obey God by honoring His Word written in the bible and shun sin and pray always for God's will on earth to be done as it is in heaven AND PRAY WITH FAITH IN GOD AND HIS WORD THAT TELL US THEY ARE "GOD'S PROMISES" TO HIS COVENANT CHILDREN - "Us"!

Getting saved is how to be God's covenant child.

The one who gets saved must mean it in his/her heart and confess it out loud with their mouth as they ask Jesus to save them. You need only do this once and remember it is done forever as long as you lead repentant lives, love Jesus and honor Holy Spirit who guides you after salvation.

Below is a word I published in January 2007 to remind people in Florida for 2007 and forever to not fear and have faith in God and pray with faith for God's hand to be on Florida during the seasons for this year.

Matthew 18:18 Bind & Loose the words spoken for the storms to come to our state or for other states forcasted with storms...

Joan Ann
Jan 16, 2007

There is a prophetic word for sometime now circulating about the State of Florida being wiped off the map - However, we bind those words and render them helpless and paralyzed AND we break the grip of satan and his hordes from anything to do with our weather (Matthew 18:18)AND we do this in Jesus Christ of Nazareth's name. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER (Isaiah 54:17).

Fear will bring this to pass but I (we are to) have peace that what we are to do just like we did with "Y2k" and "88 Reasons etc." is to pray for those with fear to overcome, stand in faith on the promises of God and worship God daily.

Fear will bring a thing to pass as you will recall from the story of Job and how his fear brought destruction to his family and him.

You may have heard of the great exodus from Florida the past two years since the hurricanes came and I for one am glad those folks with all their fear left this beatutiful God blessed State of Florida.

You may also recall that not one storm came to Florida last (2006) hurricane season - as I said the exodus from Florida must have taken with it those in fear.

However, if there be new folks who moved here or any left with fear of weather or other fears let us all pray for them as we pray for all those in America now without electricity to heat them during the ice storms.

Jesus told us that the things he did we can do also and did'nt Jesus tell the storm to BE STILL?

Today there are so many of us with Jesus in our hearts as Savior that we can be more than victorious through Christ Jesus as His great army against anything the enemy/weather could toss at us.

Pray the saved and unsaved left in the State of Florida who may not be renewed to ALL the Word of God will be - So they not be overcome with fear but so they grow in faith that the God we serve protects them from ALL things.

Pray that those folks in Florida will trust and obey God and not be moved by weather reports or prophetic words that are predicted - JUST BE LOVE THY NEIGHBOR FOLKS.

Pray the folks in Florida will study the book of Revelations and see what a great God we serve and how He is good all the time.

Pray the folks in Florida will know the truth so the truth will set them free.

These payers can change things from where thsy could be headed and thats why I like to give a HEADS UP WHEN HOLY SPIRIT SAYS TO DO SO - FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

This is a word for all American states to heed - I live in FL and am a watchman-in-prayer for the state just as you may be for your state or your area in the world too.

For such a time as this.

Thank you.

Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann