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A Horse Named Seabiscuit -- Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2003

A Savior Named Jesus - You - A Horse Named Seabiscuit - Merry Christmas!

Beloved, recently I heard about a movie that was made about a horse named Seabiscuit. At my six-month checkup, my dentist said to me, "Joan Ann, you have got to see the movie "Seabiscuit". With all your horse interests with your daughter's horse facility, etc., you really have to see that movie." Months have passed since then, and yesterday I heard the videos/DVDs were out for sale on the movie "Seabiscuit" .

Beloved, today I left a message on my daughter's phone in Maryland to let me know if she had already purchased the video of "Seabiscuit" because if not, I was going to buy a copy for her and the family to take when I fly to Maryland to the farm for the holiday. In my ventures I then went to Sam's Club and purchased the video of "Seabiscuit" since no reply had come from my daughter on my cell phone. When I returned home, there was a message from her that she had just purchased "Seabiscuit" on a video today! So in my remembering my dentist's insistence that I see this movie and since I had purchased the video, I decided to open the package and watch this movie which I understand is up for an Academy Award. It will no doubt win that award. If you haven't seen the movie or video or DVD, I recommend it for the story.

The horse Seabiscuit was rejected from the time it was born, and led a hard life. The people in this story were changed for the good - because of Seabiscuit the horse. The horse was changed because of the people involved in the story who made the difference in this animal's life all the way to making Seabiscuit a champion!
Yet they were all "nobodies" as well as being
rejected themselves.

They were just as many of you were/are. Lonely and rejected; nobody wants to give you a chance, nor do they see the Jesus in you nor the anointing on your life.
Nor do they see all that Holy Spirit is bringing to you precept upon precept, line upon line, as He helps you get past the rejection, fear, etc. that the enemy meant for harm.
Much as the mean people in the movie meant harm for Seabiscuit and for Red, the young man who befriended the horse along with a "nobody" trainer who was a champion at understanding the "underdog" horse(s) and who nursed them along all the way to victory.

Seabiscuit is part of America and remembered by every horse lover in the world. Seabiscuit was crippled by an accident, and so was Red who rode the prize animal. Both had accidents that left them lame. Many of you feel "lame" and near defeat -- even ready to give up with thoughts of hopelessness this Christmas season.

There is something emotional about Christmas, and satan works on those past memories to bring them afresh to you at this season. Yet you have a great trainer whose name is Holy Spirit. He is your Helper -- just as Red was a wonderful help to Seabiscuit and together with the "nobody" horse trainer brought the rejected animal Seabiscuit all the way to becoming the greatest horse in history whose name is still known after so many years after the great depression.

As I watched the movie video ending and saw the great victorious end to a rejected horse named Seabiscuit, and the victorious end for a crippled jockey named Red, and Seabiscuit's "nobody" horse trainer recognized as one of the world's best, I got in me this article which I write to you now.

I said as I watched the screen scrolling all the movie stars' names, "Lord, You have so many Seabiscuit rejected people -- so many Jockey Red hurting and crippled people in Your world and even in Your church.
So many like the wonderful 'nobody' trainer whom no one respects and to whom others don't even, so to speak, 'give the time of day'.

Father, how can I encourage these beloved children of Yours to see that they do have hope -that Holy Spirit is with them and longing for them to trust Him to guide them and lead them closer to Jesus AND VICTORY?

Just know that Holy Spirit is drawing them to see John 8:32, Mark 4:22, 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5, Ephesians 1:16-23, Ephesians 3:14-19, Col. 1:9,10,11, John 15, 16 & 17 and Isaiah 54.
All this word of God and a place for them to live right now on this earth in the PEACE AND REST of Yours, Father, in Psalm 91.
All they need to do is trust You, because, Father God, Seabiscuit may have had a great track record, but Your track record is untouchable, for You will neither leave them nor forsake them.
And if these lonely, rejected, misunderstood, disrespected, hurting and angry etc. children of Yours will only turn to You and begin to trust You and ask You for help to change them - they will have the greatest victory over the enemy. They will be like the horse Seabiscuit who people could not believe was the same horse they once knew.

These children of yours, Father God, will not even recognize themselves because of the Awesome God that You are to bring them to victory and great obedience to You as they do the plan and purpose in fellowship and worship for and with You -- right NOW -- for such a time as this."


Father God, I know what it felt like when sixty-some years of my life were lived as one who was misunderstood, abused, lonely, rejected, angry and used by others who showed me little or no respect.
Father, this is why I understand these beloved who are so lonely and all the other things - with the love of Jesus in my heart for them.

Please, Lord, help them to see You as they have never been able to see You before. Lord, let them see You as their true and loving Father God Who cares for them more than anyone else could ever care for or love them.

PLease Let them not just call You "God". I pray they can begin to trust You to change them as they pray to You, "Father God, change me." Oh, God, how I cry out to You with a burning fervent desire BELIEVING to see them set free and into fellowship with You by RECEIVING JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH AS THEIR SAVIOR.
As they began to spend time in Your Word (Bible)so they will hear You speak through Your Word to them.

Father, I just watched a movie called "Seabiscuit" that was all pretend, yet based on a real story. The story in this movie was one in which I saw You move in the lives of rejected, etc. people, and they were changed by the horse You put in their lives. Father, put the good laborers and the persons in the lives of these Your people I pray for who are so feeling like "nobodies" this Christmas season.

Let these for whom I pray more than ever before see Who Your Son is Who came over 2,000 years ago as the babe in the manger of an outdoor stable because there was no room at the inn for Him to be born indoors.

Yet Jesus Christ, Your Son, was a King sent by You, Mighty God, to set Your people free as this little babe in the manger grew up to live and show us the way to come to You.

Your beloved Son Jesus gave His life so all the "nobodies" and all the "somebodies", both poor and rich in this world, can be saved as they go through Jesus Who died and rose from the dead, ascending into heaven victorious over sin, so we can come to You and live as kings and priests of Yours right here on earth.

Until Your Son Jesus returns to take us with Him to You. Help the lonely, rejected, misunderstood, disrespected, angry and hurting people who need Jesus to find Him and grow from glory to glory - right here - right NOW.

Do this Father we pray in Jesus name because they have the victory in Jesus!

For such a time as this. Merry Christmas!

Love & Blessings

Joan Ann