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The Call of the Lord

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Beloved, The below was sent to me on January 2, 2003. It is still a word to the wise beloved who walks in love by obeying the Lord for such a time as this.

Thank you for your time to read it.

Love and Blessings,

Joan Ann


The Call of the Lord to Leadership
January 2, 2003
Kathleen D.Mitchell

"How I long for more true shepherds, whose lives are laid down for the sheep. There are too many lords of the sheepfold, and few true servants, who lovingly pasture the sheep. Come out from the structures of menıs pride and control. Cease reporting such things as maintaining order and identity. If your depth of identity is in Me, you will prove it by having nothing of yourself to defend. All that you defend in leadership must be of Me and My truthıMy way, not the way of menıs kingdoms. Come into orderıinto My order. It is clearly outlined in My word. It is simple and it is full of life. Separate yourselves from the agendas of power.

APOSTLES: Acknowledge and blessıencourage the tenders of the flock assemblies, which I have called forth. See that those who attend My sheep hold to the true course set before them. See that they adhere to My truth, and that they do not get lost in the boastful pride of manıs authority and knowledge. Encourage them to mature in Me. Be a beacon of truth and love to the nations.

PROPHETS: Speak with integrity and in obedience to My word. If you have not heard it from ME, do not speak that which passes through your hearts and minds as prophecy. When you hear from Me, do not delay in obedience, nor embellish, nor interpret the word according to your supposition or to the needs of men. I speak accurately, with 100% integrity out of who I AM. I expect you to be a vessel to convey that same integrity, when you speak for Me.

EVANGELISTS: Now is the time to speak! First, know Me intimately, and then speak out of that intimacy. Do not speak out of theory or out of doctrine. Do not speak out of theology and training in the minds of men. Speak out of My Spirit. Speak your personal testimony of Me within your life. Speak the light and the truth that is inseparable from who you are, as I AM your substance and your profession of faith.

JOAN ANN ADDS: All of us in the Church of Jesus Christ are called to be ministers of the gospel.

Jesus told us to 'Go tell'!

Today is a good day to go in THE LOVE OF THE LORD TO SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR - Ask a stranger if they died this second do they know for SURE that they would go to heaven - Trust Holy Spirit to lead you to that one and to have prepared that persons heart to receive.

Time is running short and the Harvest is riipe but the laborers are few!

PASTORS: Shepherd the sheep. See that they have an abundance of good food on which to graze. See that they have Living Water to drink. See to the disease that has entered into the flock to sicken and to weaken it. Isolate and offer healing to those with oozing, infected wounds, which will spread to other susceptible sheep. Keep a watch for the advance of the wolf, serpent, wildcat and bear. Let My Spirit alone lead you, as you care for My little ones. Operate out of My heart of love, as you lay down your agenda for Mineıas you care for My sheep.

JOAN ANN ADDS: Shepherds, if you win the lost souls then your sheep will follow you and who knows - Maybe we will be closer to the last soul won to Jesus so HE WILL RETURN SOON.

TEACHERS: Do not seek to impress others with the understanding and with the speaking skills, which I have imparted to you. Do not use those gifts to manipulate others, or to pull or to ploy them to your way. Use these gifts to add light upon their path to Me and to My way. You are a reader, speaking from the scroll, which I have written. Do not write your own scroll, nor take credit for authority, which I have brought forth from My scroll, which you are given to teach. Your individual styles of teaching are to reflect an aspect of My character. To bully or to controlıto demean My students, given into your careıwould greatly displease Me. Clarity, love, truth, joy, and hopeıthese are some of the reflections of Myself, for you to illustrate in your manner of teaching. Deliver My messages in this way, so that all who sit under your teaching will know that I AM your source of knowledge and wisdom.

JOAN ANN ADDS: Teachers, in all you do please do not hesitate to teach about Holy Spirit after all he is here on earth and will lead to Jesus Christ so all will have knowledge of the Word!

ALL OF YOU: I charge you to lay down your lives, and to labor for One Kingdomıfor One gloryıMINE. Come up out of the systems of menıs controlıout of menıs measurements of worth, identity and credibility. Come into My assessment and into My reality and into My truth. Stop trying to use externals to gain access to the internals of unsaved men. Not by anything other than by My Spirit, will access be gained and maintained. Lay aside your illusions and your prescriptions for attracting the lost. I have called you to this work, and I alone will do it, so that no man will glory in the success, which I accomplish.

Take an honest inventory of your hearts and motives in these things, during these days. Do you seek even a small measure of glory for yourselves? ıNo, Lord!ı, you would respond. Look again. Do you want honorıdo you want credit and acknowledgement? Do you use personal power to gain what you desire in your homes and in your assemblies? What is your measure of love? What are you willing to lay down or to sacrifice of your own reputation, understanding, desires and comfort, so that I might be made known to all people? Seek first My Kingdom, so that all Godly desires within you will be accomplished.ı


Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann