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God So Loves Muslims, and So Do We!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Beloved, I was so touched with love for the Muslims at a teaching of Marilyn Hickey's Ministry on TV about Muslims. So I have prepared it for you below to read - just in case you did not hear Marilyn's teaching.

Beloved, I pray that this information will lead you to pray for these and all of His people whom He loves and has created to fellowship with Him so they will soon come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann


Marilyn Hickey taught on the following:

Well, we are looking at ıGod So Loved Muslimsı all this week. So Iım dressed in what I would wear in Pakistan or wear in a Muslim country to preach in, because I dressed like they dressed. Only in some of those countries, I covered my head, because to cover your head over there shows that you are submissive to God. And I donıt have a problem with that. Thatıs their culture; thatıs their custom, and certainly I always want to honor God. So Iım dressed in a Pakistanian dress that I would have worn over there when I preached. But today youıre going to get to see something very special because weıre going to show you a crusade we had in Dubai. Dubai is another Muslim country, and itıs in the Arab Emirates. And God allowed us to have a crusade there. And we had Hindus, we had Buddhists, we had Muslims, we had Christians, but we had Jesus, and we saw many people healed and many dramatic miracles, and people who received a revelation of Jesus Christ as their Savior. So youıll be seeing that in this program today, and youıre going to love it.

But God so loved Muslims. How are we going to love Muslims? How are we going to approach them with Godıs Love if we donıt know what they believe or where they come from? And so weıve been looking on these programs ı and I donıt want you to miss tomorrow ı about what they believe. And we have found that 20% of the worldıs population is Muslim, Islam. So we canıt just close our eyes and say theyıre not here. Or we canıt just be mad at them because of September 11th. We have to say, ıThese people are here. What are we going to do?ı And most of us have known nothing about Islam. And Americans really were ignorant until after September 11th and we learned a little more. But they have a holy book called the holy Koran, and in here Mohammed has written the principles that they are to live by. Some of those principles you would not like at all because theyıre very much anti-Christians, anti-Jewish people, and actually it is taught to kill someone who will not believe in Allah. So there are some very strong things here that wow, you know, we would not embrace as Americans, or even more so as Christians. But we must love these people.

Now they have teaching about Jesus. They believe Jesus healed. They tell a lot of miracles that He did, and most of them we do not have in our gospels. They say that Jesus was born of the dust, that He was made out of dust though He was born of the Virgin Mary. So they have belief in the Virgin Mary. They say the end of the world is coming and Jesus will come back at the end of the world, but they say He will do away with churches when He comes. So, you know, there are some things here very different. They say He was not crucified ı somebody pretended to be crucified for Him and pretended they were the ones. They said that God does not have a Son ı thereıs only one God; his name is Allah. And actually they have 99 names for him.

Now, forgiveness. You are forgiven if you do so many works, and you donıt know if youıre going to heaven, you donıt know your destiny until you die. When you die, your works will be weighed, and your lack of works and the wrong things youıve done, and if lack, you know, and bad things outweighs the other, youıre gonna go to the place of punishment. But if your works are okay, youıre gonna come up here. You can never know you are forgiven because you are forgiven by works. And yet we know we are forgiven when we come to Jesus and invite Him to come into our heart. He forgives us, the Bible says, of all our sins and gives us unconditional love, and we donıt have to wait until the end of our life and say, ıWill my works outweigh my bad works?ı because we know that the instant we receive Jesus we have His Blood and His grace that if we were to die, we would go into the presence of God.

So if we look at Islam, look at Muslim, it is quite hopeless, and quite hard, and quite radical. We see that there are principles that they believe in. They have prayer five times a day ı which we say, ıWow, what devotion! If Christians would pray five times a day.ı We see that they absolutely believe that Allah is God. We see that they are charged a certain amount to give to the poor, kind of like a tax; itıs called zakat, I believe. They keep Ramadan, the ninth month, for twenty-nine or thirty days. They fast until evening and then they feast, so to speak. And itıs just a special remembrance of Mohammed. And (once a year), or once a lifetime, theyıre required to make a hajj which is to Mecca, their number one holy place in Saudi Arabia, Mecca. And so they have Mecca, and they have Medina in Saudi Arabia, and you will see millions of people come to that from all over the world because Islam is not just midEast. It is also Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and countries in Africa also. So everyone should endeavor, every Muslim, according to the Koran, should endeavor to make the hajj. And youıll see that great big black stone there that they say fell from heaven, you know. And, you know, that is just super for them. And, you know, it grieves us as Christians because we want them to know the Love of God, the Love of His Son Jesus Who gave His life for them and the power of the Holy Spirit.

*Marilyn showed a video of this crusade in Dubai as she told of all that happened in this report to you as follows:

Now weıre going to look at this crusade in Dubai, and I think it will warm your heart, and then I will be right back.

[Video] ıThe humble also shall increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.ı The words of this powerful prophecy were tangibly and visibly evident as the Spirit of God moved mightily through the exotic plans of modern Dubai and provisional Kazakhstan. As Marilyn, Sarah, and their team members deplaned in Dubai, they found soaring modern buildings of glass and steel gleaming in the desert sands, and thousands of spiritually hungry souls. The city, built with mega-millions of oil money, is staffed and maintained by people from various nations of the world, accounting for nearly seventy percent of the cityıs population.

Although forbidden to share the Gospel with their predominantly Muslim population, within the modern-day mecca of Dubai lies an oasis of religious freedom, the foreign compound, where thousands of immigrants have freedom to worship as they please. In this square block, the power of God rained down upon a parched land. The meeting area and TV-equipped overflow rooms were filled beyond capacity, with standing-room-only crowds. As thousands heard Godıs Word, hundreds came forward for salvation or to receive the Holy Spirit baptism.

God healed many injured necks, straightened and repaired agonizing back ailments, freed stuttering lips, restored hearing to deaf ears, and dissolved lumps and growths. One woman was amazed to find that a two-inch growth had disappeared!

Although reluctant to leave Dubai, the ministry team was anxious to see what God would do next as they flew to Almaty, Kazakhstan, a city at a spiritual and cultural crossroads.

The first night of our crusade at Almaty was absolutely jam-packed and spilled out into the overflow area. Worship was especially anointed with a combination of contemporary lighting and music incorporated with traditional folk dancing and costumes. Sarah recalls at the second night of the crusade, a female doctor who had received prayer for healing the previous night brought proof of her miracle. However, the most inspiring miracle of all was the multitudes of people who poured down the aisles every evening during the crusades to give their hearts to Christ...." [End of video]

I thank God for all the people who prayed for this missions trip. Nations, cities, ministries, and lives were changed.

God so loved the Muslims. But letıs look at some more about what they believe. What about salvation?. Can we be sure weıre saved? When we call on Jesus and ask Him to come into our heart, does He come into our heart? And does that mean we are now in the Kingdom of God? It says, whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. How does that really work? Well, the Bible tells us about the thief on the cross, that he called on Jesus and Jesus said, ıThis day you shall be with me in paradise.ı He certainly didnıt have good works to get him there. He called on the Name of Jesus. But Islam, Muslims, teach that it is works, and you cannot know until you die, and then your works will be weighed to see where you go. Even Mohammed who, you know, is the founder of this religion, according to the Hadith 558 and 266, he says that he is not sure of what his destination is. And yet a Christian can be sure, by putting their faith not in their works but the work of Jesus Christ. And really, just honestly, the big problem is not the Jews. It is a Jew. It is Jesus Christ. Thatıs the big turning point. Thatıs the one, the only one.

What is a jihad? We say, ıWell, a jihad is a holy war, and itıs fought in the cause of Allah.ı You say, ıWell, Christians havenıt done it all right. What about the Crusades?ı You are right. The Crusades were terrible and left a very black mark in Muslim countries against Christianity, because they came in and murdered Muslims. What they did in Constantinople (which is now present-day Istanbul) is tragedy, and history proves it. You know, they killed Jews and Muslims ı terrible murder. So we canıt say, ıOh, our skirts are so clean.ı But we were not fighting according to the way the Word of God would have told us to do this. But in the Koran, oh, it says those who fight you and slay them wherever you catch them and turn them out where they turn you out, for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Woweee! What are they saying? Theyıre saying, ıGo kill ıem!ı In more than one place it says, you know, Christians and Jewish people should be killed, should be killed. Our Bible says, love your enemies. Iım not saying that all of history has proven that we did that, but Iım saying thatıs the core of it. Thatıs the core of the truth.

If we look at women, he says a woman should not participate in jihad. She shouldnıt be involved in that holy war. And martyrdom promises paradise ı thatıs the only way you can be assured youıre going into paradise is by martyrdom. And the Bible does say to us that weıre not called to be dying sacrifices, though there are martyrs, but weıre called to be living sacrifices ı that weıre to live our life in absolute obedience to Him. And so we see some principles, we see theyıre great principles, but theyıre not rooted back to Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You know, we say, women ı oh, the Koran puts women in a very inferior place. And some of the things you saw with Taliban are not in the Koran. Itıs an extreme radical belief. So I donıt want to say all that is what they believe. Thatıs the extreme, just like some of the things we have said and done are extreme. Theyıre wrong! Theyıre wrong. Theyıre not Biblical. That was not the Koran, some of that burqa in Afghanistan and some of that ı they get a hint of it, but that was not the true picture. But it said a woman, you know, should not participate in jihad. And martyrdom promises paradise. And, you know, if a soldier, a husband dies for his wife, it could be that she would go to paradise, too. Now this is one of the translations that I read about. So, you know, and thatıs whatıs considered a holy war, but a woman is not to participate in it. And yet, we have women who are suicide bombers in Israel, and now weıve heard of them in some other parts of the country. That is not according to the Koran.

Actually, suicide the Koran teaches against. But they consider suicide bombers, that thatıs not suicide. That is martyrdom. So for these young women to stand up and say, ıIım as good as a man. I can die the same way in suicide. Iıll go to paradise, tooı is not what the Koran. It is a radical version, and a departure from it.

What does Galatians say about a woman? Well, Galatians says, ıFor you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.ı The Bible elevates a woman, elevates a man, and says that we can have Jesus in our hearts and be like Him. So it gives such wonderful, wonderful hope.

Letıs look at some of the things that the Koran teaches, umm, about punishment. If someone is guilty of adultery, according to the Koran they should be stoned to death. We saw pictures of this in Afghanistan. According to Islam, according to the Koran, if you leave Islam ı if you leave ı you should be stoned to death, if you leave Islam. If you are guilty of theft, your right hand should be cut off. Thatıs Islam. If youıre guilty of highway robbery, you should have your feet and your hands cut off. And if youıre guilty of drinking alcohol, you should get eighty lashes of the whip. Wow! So extreme punishment here, and again, this is their book.

And people say, ıWell, you know, the Muslim people are very sweet.ı I agree. I love the Muslim people, but I donıt love where theyıre taken away from the Living God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I donıt love that, but I love them. And I believe this is the day when the truth is being revealed to the Muslim world. And the truth is revealed to us of how we can reach the Muslim world.

Marilyn goes on to say:

What is their heaven? What is their paradise? It is very sensual. Beautiful, cool waters, wonderful fruit, and virgin women, you know. Thatıs the picture of paradise ı thatıs sensual. When we think of heaven, do you think of sensual ı how many women youıre going to sleep with, how many men youıre going to sleep with? I donıt think so. That is not heaven. So to them, their paradise is a reinvigorated earth, so to speak, and has to do with the physical body and not the spirit of man that we were created like God, because God is a Spirit and we are created in His image.

And so we have to look at these things very seriously, and we have to wake up that we live in a world where one-fifth of the population is Muslim. Should they know the truth? Yes, they should. We donıt make them make a choice. That choice belongs to them. We are given the right to make a free choice, but they have the right to know the truth. And how are they going to know the truth if we donıt go?

Marilyn goes on to say:

When we went to Dubai, ah, that was such a wonderful time, to be in the Arab Emirates. And yes, you know, we had some walls around us of how much we could do and how much we couldnıt do. But we could walk the streets and pray, and we had that crusade on territory that was okay. And we had people come from all religions there, because they have so many people there working, you know, from all around the world.

Marilyn and we Glory Brides Global love the Muslim People, and we know LOVE CONQUERS ALL - For such a time as this.

Marilyn goes on to say:

Yes, God loves these people. He loves them, and today maybe you have a friend or a relative who is a Muslim. Why donıt you contact our website or call us and leave their name so we can pray for them. Maybe you are a Muslim watching this program and you need prayer, and you say, ıMarilyn, do you really mean you love Muslims?ı I really mean I love Muslims, and Muslims love me. Call us, contact our website (the Marilyn Hickey Ministries contact for prayer)!

Marilyn goes on to say:

You know, I remember when I was sixteen years old, I had a very dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ. I was raised going to church. I heard about Jesus. I was raised in a good, moral home. We sang songs about Jesus, hymns about Jesus, but I didnıt have a revelation of Him personally. I knew about Him through my parents through our church. But when I was sixteen, Jesus revealed Himself to me. And I would like to pray with every person, if youıve not had a revelation of Jesus, that He would reveal Himself to you today.

Would you pray with me right now? Letıs just take this opportunity. This one prayer could totally transform your life and give you eternal life. Just pray with me: Say: Jesus, I want to know You. Would You please come and reveal Yourself to me. Amen.

Joan Ann says as follows:

If you prayed with Marilyn to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you, please send me an e-mail so I can pray with you at our Glory Brides Global Ministry website, glorybridesglobal@comcast.net or contact the Marilyn Hickey Ministries in Denver, Colorado. God loves you, and He longs for you to know Him more and more. Thank you for your time.

Love & Blessings,

Joan Ann